The 28-Day Stress Resilience Program For The Busy Modern-Day Woman

It is possible to feel healthier, happier and less stressed out! Start your journey today!

  • The 28-day Stress Resilience Program is designed to enhance your physical and emotional resilience to stress. Comprising three vital elements for a strong foundation of well-being – movement, meditation and a process of self-inquiry, you will build physical strength and flexibility, sleep better, have more energy and mental clarity, be less triggered by things in your daily life, and reduce your stress levels for good!

  • NOURISH is a nutrition program that perfectly complements and enhances the 28 Day Resilience Program. Created by top London-based nutritionist, Rose Glover, NOURISH takes a mindful approach towards healthy eating which focuses on knowledge and awareness, not unnecessary restrictions and guilt. Armed with the right knowledge, easy to follow meal plans and shopping lists, you will create a healthy relationship with food that empowers you to make healthier choices while fully enjoying your food.