The 28-Day Total Well-Being Program For The Busy Modern-Day Woman

Our 28-day programs are designed to nourish your mind and body so you feel amazing inside out.

  • The 28-day Stress Resilience Program is designed to enhance your physical and emotional resilience to stress. Comprising three vital elements for a strong foundation of well-being – movement, meditation and a process of self-inquiry, you will build physical strength and flexibility, sleep better, have more energy and mental clarity, be less triggered by things in your daily life, and reduce your stress levels for good!

  • Project HASIKO is a 28-day program designed to help you build a strong body and still mind through our HASIKO FLOW practices. Through a consistent practice of the HASIKO FLOW, you will feel a significant difference in your physical and mental well-being. Feel stronger, happier, and calmer in just 28 days.