Reduce Your Stress in Just 7 Days

Through daily micro-lessons, reflection, and the practice of HASIKO FLOW, this 7-Day Stress Remedy Program is designed to help you reduce and effectively manage your stress levels with simple and practical tools that only takes 15 minutes a day!

  • Recognise your stress triggers and signs of stress that many people don't even realise are stress-related

  • ​Create a personalised plan that helps you effectively manage stress

  • Release stress and tension from your mind and body with our 15 minute HASIKO FLOW practice

  • Lifetime access to all resources in this 7 Day Stress Remedy Program

Who Is This Program For?

This program is perfect for you if:

  • You are feeling overwhelmed and want a simple program that you can do at home

  • You are looking for a sustainable solution to reduce and manage stress in the long run

  • You want an efficient practice that meets the demands of your busy life

  • You are looking for a complete solution that improves the health of your mind AND body

Program Overview

  • Day 1: Understand Your Stress Symptoms and Triggers

    The first step is recognising how stress manifests for you personally. Everyone reacts to stress differently and understanding what yours are is an important first step to effectively managing your stress. With that understanding, we will then guide you in creating a personalised stress protocol that supports you in times of high stress and anxiety.

  • Day 2: Small Steps Make Big Strides + 15 minute HASIKO FLOW practice

    Are you frustrated by your inability to make changes and see them through? Today, we remind you to be patient and know that the key to realising your goal is to focus on taking small steady steps.

  • Day 3: A Gift Of Inspiration: Nourish + 15 minute HASIKO FLOW practice

    How do you nourish yourself daily? Today, we invite you to pause and reflect on the things that brings you joy on a daily basis.

  • Day 4: Mindfulness in Nature

    Learn to reconnect with nature around you and create pockets of mindfulness in your daily life.

  • Day 5: Creating An Empowering Morning Ritual + 15 minute HASIKO FLOW practice

    A proven way to manage and reduce daily stress is by having a short morning ritual that sets you up on a positive note for the day ahead. In this lesson, we guide you through a series of question to create a morning ritual that prepares and nourishes you.

  • Day 6: A Gift of Inspiration: New Beginnings + 15 minute HASIKO FLOW practice

    We all fall off the wagon sometimes and it's okay! Well, today is a fresh opportunity to start anew!

  • Day 7: The Power of Reflection + 15 minute HASIKO FLOW practice

    In this lesson, we invite you to start a stress journal that will help you see areas in your life that need to be addressed or represent opportunities for future growth!

  • Bonus: Superfoods Meal Plan and Recipes

    Good nutrition is a powerful stress management tool! When our bodies are poorly fed, stress takes an even greater toll on our health. We have included a superfoods meal plan and recipe for nutritious and delicious meals that are easy to prepare!

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