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As women, when it comes to juggling home life, work, and family, the one thing we seem to have in abundance is stress. While we take pride in being able to have it all, do it all, the truth is, we often give so much to others at the expense of our health and well-being. It's no wonder women are twice as likely as men to suffer from stress and burnout! At HASIKO, we understand how it feels. That's why we have created the 28-DAY STRESS RESILIENCE PROGRAM + NOURISH, a complete program that combines exercise, meditation, and self-inquiry with a nutrition program that is healthy yet easy to build into your busy lifestyle to benefit you and your whole family.
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Reclaim your health and make positive lifestyle changes that nourish your mind, body and spirit


    Physical Resilience is more than just fitness. It's your body's ability to respond to the demands of daily life and build immunity so that you can recover quickly from stress and illnesses. Through the HASIKO FLOW, you will build strength, improve your mobility, release stress and tension, sleep better, and have more energy to do more of the things you love!


    Emotional Resilience is your ability to adapt and respond well to challenges and stressful situations without feeling drained or overwhelmed. Through guided meditation and a process of self-inquiry, you will gain greater awareness of your emotions, have better mental clarity, enhance your ability to respond calmly in stressful situations, and reduce your stress levels for good.


    Whether you realise it or not, it is your core values and beliefs that guide the way you live and influence the decisions that you make every day. Living against your values causes immense internal friction and stress. As part of this program, you will receive daily emails written personally by our founders to help you discover your core values and personal beliefs, become aware of any negative thought patterns, and tune in to the intelligence of your heart and body.


    We get that you have a lot going on. That’s why we designed our 28-day online program to be easy to follow and to fit in with your lifestyle. You can log in from any mobile device and simply follow the program laid out for you for the next 28 days. We recommend that you go through each day exactly as planned to get the most benefit out of the program. And the 15-minute HASIKO FLOW is always a valid option for that odd day when life gets in the way.


A well-balanced nutrition program that enhances the 28-day Stress Resilience Program

Created by top London-based nutritionist Rose Glover, NOURISH takes a mindful approach towards healthy eating that focuses on knowledge and awareness, not unnecessary restrictions and guilt. Armed with the right knowledge, easy-to-follow meal plans, and shopping lists, you will create a healthy relationship with food that empowers you to make healthier choices while fully enjoying your meals.

Our wholesome nutrition plan:

  • doesn’t restrict your calories or food choices
  • allows you to explore the world’s bounty of healthy ingredients
  • is flexible enough for you to follow for the rest of your life as a lifestyle choice not a diet
  • boosts your immune system and general well-being
  • allows you to enjoy eating!


The resilience practice for a strong body still mind

The HASIKO FLOW is an easy to follow 15 or 60 minute class that follows our magic formula of SWEAT, STRETCH, and MEDITATE. Each practice begins with a full body workout that strengthens and energises your whole body, followed by a deep stretching sequence that releases tension and opens up your shoulders, back, and hips. We round off each session with a relaxing guided meditation that deeply soothes your mind
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  • 28 days of delicious and nutritious recipes designed by a top London nutritionist covering Sources of Omega-3, inflammatory Spices, Superfoods and Whole foods

  • Guides from our nutritionist on how to make easy changes to your diet to reduce stress and enhance your wellbeing. Learn how to enjoy eating out and make healthy choices at the same time.

  • Weekly shopping lists and meal plans so you are fully prepared and organised

  • A pantry list that preps your kitchen so you always have nutritious ingredients at your fingertips

  • 6 HASIKO FLOW practices that you can do anywhere anytime

  • Daily coaching emails from our founders and resources that help you achieve a stress resilient mindset

  • 6 month access to the program. You can come back to these practices even after completing the 28 days


Are you constantly exhausted and stressed? Are you looking for a way to get healthy and stay that way? This program is PERFECT for you if:

  • You want a balanced exercise program that helps you tone up, get stronger, increase your flexibility, and improves your overall fitness level

  • You want to sleep better and have more energy throughout the day

  • You want to reduce your stress levels and be less triggered in your daily life

  • You have been trying to meditate but find it difficult to do so

  • You want a flexible and easy to follow practice that fits into your busy lifestyle

  • You want to learn how to make healthier food choices in a sustainable and enjoyable way.

  • You want the convenience of a practice that you can do ANYTIME and ANYWHERE



The 28 day transformation to a stronger, healthier and more stress resilient you.

1) Sign up for the program

This is the toughest part - committing! Once you sign up and choose a start date, you'll have access to the full program right away.

2) Select your start date and print out your 28 Day Calendar

This simple yet effective tool makes it so easy for you to follow the program.

3) Prepare your kitchen with the pantry list and review the shopping list for Week 1 at least 5 days before your program start date

Planning is key. This will really help you stick to and benefit fully from NOURISH.

4) Read the daily emails and complete your actions for each day

We’ll send you daily emails to support you throughout the program.


  • When should I start the program?

    Upon purchasing the program, we will ask you to choose a start date. We recommend selecting a start date that begins on a Sunday. Give yourself sufficient time to plan your grocery shopping and prepare your kitchen. Preparation is the key to success!

  • How is the program delivered?

    Everything is available in your online membership portal, which you can access on your phone, tablet or computer. You will also receive a daily coaching email form us with the action for the day.

  • What is the program schedule like?

    The program is 28 days long and is available to you any time. Simply log in to the course portal and select the class for the appropriate day. The HASIKO FLOW class can be done any time of the day that works best for you. Be sure to download the 28-day program calendar to help you stay on track.

  • What if I miss some days?

    We recommend that you try to stick with the 28-day program (consistency is key), even if you fall sick or get busy. Try to do the 15-minute HASIKO FLOW practice on the days that you can’t manage the full HASIKO FLOW practice. It’s OK if you miss a few days. Just try to get back into the program as soon as you can.

  • How fit do I need to be to do this program?

    To be safe, always seek professional medical advice before starting any wellness program.

  • Do I need any equipment for this program?

    All you need is your digital device, an Internet connection, a mat and enough space around you. We also recommend a yoga block for support during the stretching sequence. For the meditation practice, you might need a blanket for comfort as your body will be cooling down.

  • What should I wear?

    Active wear that you feel comfortable in and can move freely in is all that is required. You don’t need any footwear.

  • Is the program only for women?

    Around 85% of our HASIKO tribe are women and 15% are men (obviously!). While we address women’s concerns, men are welcome as HASIKO is a great way for everyone to build strength and flexibility, and experience the benefits of meditation.

  • Is this program suitable if I'm pregnant?

    No, we recommend you wait until you have given birth, and after your your doctor has given you the all clear to go back to regular exercise.

  • What level of meditation experience do I need to have to do this program?

    You do not need to have any meditation experience. Our meditation sessions are done lying down. All you have to do is relax and follow the instructions.

  • What happens at the end of the program?

    You have lifetime access to the content and can re-do the program as many times as you like.

  • What if the program does not meet my needs?

    If you start the program and find that it does not meet your needs, please contact us within 7 days of purchasing and we would be happy to give you a full refund.

  • Can I do this course if I have a medical condition?

    None of our courses are meant as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Please consult a medical professional before you start this or any new exercise program.

  • More questions?

    Please contact us at if you have any questions not answered here.

Start your journey towards a stronger, healthier and more stress resilient you today!

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